Unit 11 – Preparing for Progression

Year 2 – Unit 11 – Critical Analysis

Preparing for the future is a must. You need to know if you will be able to cope with the pressure of not only producing high quality work to a deadline, but any criticism that you may receive. Criticism should be welcomed and be used to help achieve your goals and ambitions.

To try and figure out if I am ready to progress, I did a careers personality test at http://www.career-test.co.uk to gain some understanding of what my apparent personality trait would be suitable for.

The results I gathered were somewhat accurate but there is a huge issue with trying to assume a personality this way because it asks a limited range of questions and then tries to determine a whole personality around the answers.

Percentage breakdown of your results:
Introverted (I) 86% Extraverted (E) 14%
Sensing (S) 82% Intuitive (N) 18%
Feeling (F) 60% Thinking (T) 40%
Perceiving (P) 59% Judging (J) 41%


This info graphic labelling my strengths proves to be very accurate and actually coincides with the results I found myself relating to the most from the Myers Briggs test I did during Unit 12 . However I do find issue with the jobs that it deems possible for me.
• Artist
• Musician / Composer
• Designer
• Personal service worker
• Secretary
• Child Care or Early Childhood Development
• Social Worker or Counsellor
• Teacher
• Psychologist
• Veterinarian
• Forest Ranger
• Naturalists
• Paediatrician
• Chef
• Nurse
• Dental and Medical staff
• Carpenters

I have absolutely no interest in any of these careers and would much rather follow up something in politics and I am doing so in University, although I am still not sure on what career path to follow within politics.

If there was a job that I would describe at perfect for me, would be a position at the United Nations, I am not sure what exactly I would like, possibly the UK ambassador but that it at the height of my ambition. I would like to have a job like that as I feel at that point I would finally be able to really start making a difference and start making the world a better place for everyone.

To show and understanding and demonstration of a possible pathway to follow in order to achieve my ambitions, I have produced an info-graphic timeline displaying a journey I must take to achieve this, but I can say for certain that this is even close to it and  must do much more research and most likely will do in University once I have been opened up to the field much more.


Year 2 – Unit 11 – Progression Routes

Within politics there are many different paths to go down such as a part of the civil service, member of parliament, diplomatic service officer, political journalist, and many more. This can make it difficult to decide what to do, and even when one has, it can be even to go down that route, it can all come down to skill, luck, dedication and/or who you know within the industry already.

Before I even attempt to try and break into a career, I have focused on going to educate myself further in politics at University. Although I did look at multiple Universities doing the same course, I have chosen the University of Chichester as my firm choice.

The course I have chosen to study is BA (Hons) Politics and Contemporary History, I have decided to study out of my passion for both politics and modern history. Chichester’s course can be found here; http://www.chi.ac.uk/ba-hons-politics-and-contemporary-history and click here for my personal statement; Personal Statement

This course resonated with my interests and has good reviews on UCAS. Being very fond of politics and history, I will be able to further my knowledge of those topics, especially politics and there is much more for me to learn, my current knowledge only scratches the surface of politics and it’s something that if I want to progress into a career in said area, I must develop my understanding of it much more than I currently do. This University is about 3 hours away by train from where I am currently located, so if I do go there, I will have to live there, that being said, the accommodation is the last past of applying that I have to sort.

Sometimes University isn’t the only way to get a career within politics. There are multiple traditional and non-traditional ways of breaking into the industry.

Traditional Methods

Applying for an Apprenticeship or Internship are both very common ways of breaking into the industry, however they are also some of the harder ways as they are very contested spots with many people trying to get them which means a great CV tends to be needed, especially if one was to get an internship after college as they would up against people with similar degrees but with possibly higher results.

Once I’m done with University I will most likely try to find an internship within the world of political journalism but if I can’t find something so specific, I’ll find something based just around journalism. To get a feel for what I could, I searched on https://www.gov.uk/find-internship in order to find a possible internship that I would take if I had the grade. I ended up finding an internship for the Royal Society of Chemistry in which I would edit and publish chemistry journals, it may not be politics but it will teach important skills of the world of journalism and possibly give me contacts within the industry. The internship is located in the East of England so I will most likely have to relocate north of where I currently live.

Non-traditional Methods

Social media is now one the biggest ways for people to get there work out there, through the use of sites such as Facebook/twitter and YouTube, people can showcase their work with ease as well as try and contact industry professionals. Although this is mainly seen within the media industry, this also works for the political journalism industry as people can use sites such as WordPress to have blogs.

However there are other methods such as cold calling, in which you contact companies or people and just sell yourself and convince them why they need to hire you. This method is quite difficult to pull but can work eventually, especially if you have contacts that you could cold call instead.

I have actually created a blog recently, in which I publish historical and/or political articles. It can be found here; https://lucaspledgejournalism.wordpress.com/ My journalism skills are quite lackluster currently but with time I could really improve upon my work and if shown to an employer, they could see that I have good research skills, clear writing and a good understanding of both politics and history.



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