FMP – Week 2

Before continuing my research I looked back over what I have learnt throughout the course in relation to my chosen discipline and how I got that point. This was in order to demonstrate the skills that I have developed since starting the course.

To do this effectively I created an infographic that sums up quickly the change of interest I had in different subjects at the end of year 1 and after my first term of year 2.

The reason behind the lack of information on it about my journey before pixel art is due to the style of the infographic, I wanted to make it so it started simple and basic and then broke down into a more explained (although still not highly detailed) timeline of my Pixel art journey.

All but 1 icon belong to Piktochart and are free of copyright. The reference for the small pixel art meteor is at the bottom of the post.

In year 1 I was first introduced to basic 3D modelling and texturing, this developed during the first 2 months. At the time I found 3D modelling very enjoyable, however I highly disliked texturing and so I decided I would avoid doing either for my FMP. This decision was also highly swayed by sound, I found a great enjoyment in creating and editing sounds, it was fun to experiment with different objects to create multiple sounds, leading me to pick it for the FMP at the end of year 1. However this FMP was a failure for me and I regrettably produced work that simply wasn’t very good.

The first term of my second year was focused around animation which sparked quite a bit of interest in me and I debated doing it for my FMP for a while because I found myself to be quite good at it as well. But alongside an already existing interest, pixel art is where I truly found a passion for a discipline. I had always enjoyed the look of pixel art and I love the look of the game Rogue Legacy as well as playing it, and once I had discovered in year 2 that I could do pixel art I started considering doing that for my FMP instead and fully plan to do so now.

I always had an interest in doing concept art as I found drawing/sketching enjoyable but I was never very good at it so I never fully considered it for my FMP until I realised that I could still do concept pieces but through the method of pixel art, which is why I will most likely doing multiple or one huge concept pixel piece.

Pixel art icon:

iconarchive, (2011), Pixel-Art-icon [ONLINE]. Available at: [Accessed 23 March 2017].


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