FMP Week 8

In this week I finished recording and edited all sounds for the horror ambience piece as well as put it all together in Adobe Premiere.

Horror Ambience Piece:

Storm (Rain and thunder):

I was quite lucky with this as I was running out of time to get it done but the night before I was planning to get it done by, there was a storm while I was out for a walk so I got my phone and started recording it, not the funnest of experiences but I had to get it before It passed. I amplified it in editing and I also copied one of the thunderclaps and made it much more frequent.

Eerie wind:

After trying to edit the wind I used in my calm ambience piece more to make it sound eerie I realised that I’m not good enough to do that yet and even with researching into I couldn’t find much that could help me, so due to time running out I decided to download and loop a clip online.

IanStarGem. 2015. Muffled Eerie Wind. [ONLINE] Available at: [Accessed 9 June 2016].


I was meant to add footsteps but I needed a very specific sound of wooden sandals on a cobblestone path which was very difficult for 2 reasons: I didn’t have wooden sandals or know where a nearby cobblestone path was without getting too much noise pollution. I did think about substitutes like just using a wooden plank on a stone patio but the noise just didn’t sound right, it didn’t fit so I made the design decision to remove the footsteps and use that time to work more on the other sounds.

Adobe Premiere:

With all my audio done and my colleague’s concept art done it was time to put them together so I decided to use Adobe Premiere to do so.

The pictures above show the Project settings, the fade effect I used for the images, the whole thing together with each piece of audio’s levels effected and the last image is the main export settings with a little bit edited but mainly default to the setting I chose: I chose an export setting best for YouTube as that’s where I uploaded it to.

I also went back into Audition to add fading effects to the ambient pieces so they weren’t such a sudden appearance.

Below is the final piece:


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