FMP Week 7

In this week I recorded, edited and pieced together my calm ambience track and the coin flip atmosphere changer, I also recorded most the sounds for the horror ambience piece.

Calm ambience piece:

Birds tweeting:

It was really easy to get the recordings of birds tweeting as I live in area away from a lot of traffic with a small woodland area nearby.  I went there early in the morning to get as little noise pollution as possible and when birds would be the liveliest and I recorded 2 different tweets, both of which were separated from all other noises as I waited for ideal times to record them from all other sounds. I didn’t do much editing to these, I only effected the amplification and did any noise reduction that was required to keep them as natural as possible.

Gentle Rain:

I decided to not add rain to this piece as I wanted the atmosphere changing to be more impactful and much more noticeable.

Temple Bell:

Although the temple bell was debated to not be added I made the decision to at least try to see if it fits.

I had to get the sound of a Buddhist/Japanese temple bell off the internet due to an inability to go out and record the sound myself and although there are probably ways to create the sound but I didn’t have the time but If I did I would have definitely experimented.

I slightly amplified the bell and added a small amount of reverb in order to make the sound reflect off the outside of the bell more and I’m personally pleased with the result of it so I decided to keep it in the track, and it queues well with the Hourglass tattoo track.

Gentle Breeze:

I could have gone outside and recorded this but due to where I live it would have been difficult to do so without seagulls polluting it and i also wanted to be creative so I took influence from Ben Burtt who while creating the sounds for Wall-E discovered that wind can be created by dragging a bag along a carpet. I’m glad with the finished recording I got and the edited version, I only reduced background noise from the laptop and lowered the amplification slightly due to how close I recorded it to the mic. I did have the problem of space to record on so by itself the bag being turned around can be heard.

The comment about creating wind using a bag is at 7 minutes and I found it from the site:

Coin flip:

I had difficulty with this, both finding an example and a method. Eventually I remembered a part from Bioshock: Infinite which contains a coin flip and I went and found that online to use a reference.

To record the sound I tried things such as tapping a coin on scissors and many other objects to get that metallic sound but I realised that I also have to get the ringing sound of the coin flip as well and decided to try tapping the coin flat faced against the side of a short but wide glass and was very pleased with the result, with a little amplification, editing the pitch so the sound was higher and experimenting with reverb to get closer to the sound I was after it was as good as it was going to get, It’s not the best but for my level of skills I was quite impressed.

I made it so the coin flip could be heard better in the left earphone due to the concept piece having the coin in that hand.

Horror ambience piece:

All comments on this will be in next weeks post.


BillyBob Driwahl. (2013). Bioshock: Infinite – The Lutece’s coin toss. [Online Video]. 2 April 2013. Available from: [Accessed: 2 June 2016].

Joe Ludwig. (2009). Animation Sound Design: Ben Burtt Creates the Sounds for Wall-E (Part 1 of 2). [Online Video]. 30 December 2009. Available from: [Accessed: 1 June 2016]. 2010. Creating Evocative Wind Sounds. [ONLINE] Available at: [Accessed 3 June 2016].


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