FMP Week 6

This week I have created my asset list: Asset list, this is currently incomplete and I will update it later once it’s finished. It’s incomplete as there are a few things that might be added or removed later on which I will document why I added or removed them.

In this week I went against what I proposed to do by quite a bit.

I researched into how to make a dragon roar and a lot of the answers said about using animal roars edited and mixed together, from this I knew I could have gone to a zoo but I wanted to be more creative and different, I wanted to try something new to show off my creativity.

I gathered the recordings and edited the sounds for the hourglass tattoo.

Dragon Roar:

I first tried using something that’s shouts “goal” in different ways from a Pringle’s football bowl and after editing it I was pleased with it except it sounded more like some sort of half dragon and half man thing on a roller coaster, I’d put it below but due to a problem with my mac saving I lost this but I do have a rerecording of the original sound.

When it came to redoing the sound I decided to make the noise myself by horsing my throat and trying to roar, although I didn’t get much or a roar I did get a snarl which I thought would be better in the piece anyway as it is quieter but still draws attention to the tattoo. I amplified the sound, I added reverb to make it sound like it’s reverberating out of the dragon’s mouth slightly and I mainly edited the pitch to make it much lower.

One problem that I did encounter with this is that the finished piece came across synthetic and that can be obviously heard, unaware of how to solve this issue and because of time constraints I kept it how it was.

While editing this I kept comparing it to this video below of a Skyrim dragon roar and although my snarl is quite different I believe it didn’t come out too differently from the Skyrim roar.

Sand Falling: 

This was difficult because the sand falling in a sand timer is extremely quiet and was very hard to find a lot about the noise that would be heard but eventually I came across this YouTube video:

As can be heard it’s a very grainy sound, probably recorded very closely and amplified.

At first I tried twisted the top of an Azera Coffee can which had coffee stuck between, the grinding sound could have been used as the noise of sand falling but after listening to it again in audition I realised that the noise was too crunchy to be falling smoothly.

But I live near a beach, I simply went and got sand in a small container and gently poured it out. A huge issue with this was though finding a place I could pour sand which didn’t have too much background noise polluting it, eventually I got a glass and slowly poured the sand into that which not only allowed me to record it in a more controlled environment but also gave me a slight hint of the sound of it hitting glass as it would in an hourglass, but it’s sadly very quiet and hard to hear.

All sounds below:

I made it so that the piece came through better on the right earphone due to the tattoo being located on the right arm.


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