FMP Week 5 – Project Proposal

In this week I looked at how music can be used to create/empower ambience and atmosphere, I created a design document about characters and the environment/s, prepare a final pitch presentation considering things such as Title, genre, platform, audience, inspirations etc and then pitch it and note down feedback.

In my research I found that I have to be really careful when it comes to ambient music as I can’t make it so boring that the player doesn’t notice it at all but neither do I want to draw attention to it but rather make it so the player subconsciously takes it and listens to it without realising it’s actually there. There shouldn’t really ever be silence within a game because silence can draw more attention than audio can, it can make the player believe somethings wrong with the game or with their speakers when it’s actually just a part of the game, the problem of that is it distracts the player away from the game and can make them feel less immersed.

Presentation: Ashioto

Proposal: Project proposal

Feedback I received:

I have to research more into sound designers and what they do.

I should start experimenting with sounds over pieces of concept art to see I will be considering what works, what doesn’t, what needs to be louder/quieter, what needs to be edited how. I will need to go in depth when explaining what I found out.

I have to do research into how to create specific sounds i’m after such as the coin flip, dragon roar and sand falling.

I should use stereo tracks for anything that’s not ambience, such as footsteps following the character, this is for extra immersion.

I need to develop the plot of the game idea behind my project.

Give the character a name.


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