FMP week 2


This is the career path that I will follow, although there isn’t much detail as I still have more research to do and I have to improve my skills more this is a basic outline of paths I will follow and on each side is something I need to do consistently through out it all. A challenge I might face is actually finding work with the skills I will have at the end of the course as the games industry is a tough one to get into.


This research has been particularly useful when it came to expanding my knowledge about creative teams, especially that even small ones can create something great and that there might not be huge number of people working on something but they will cover multiple roles as the people working at valve did.

mmeesmes (1)

This was useful research as it helped me get a better understanding of what I do know and don’t know, what I need to do research into and what I need to get in order to follow this career path.

Audio engineer

Everything written in the infographic above is from me. The project type I’ll be doing is centered around me doing audio and thus I will be working as an audio engineer and I have written above what skills I have or will need to be in a working environment as this role.


Production Processes


These are key pre-production, production and post-production processes of making a game, there are some that I will have missed but these are the main ones. This work was done between me and a couple of other pupils.

EnterthegungeonproductionThese are the processes that would have been behind the recent, small but yet hit game “Enter the Gungeon”. An issue I had with doing this work was finding out about the development of the game as there isn’t a whole lot of information to find and what I did find lacked details so I had to use my knowledge of processes in games already to fill in blanks.

Reference to where I got my information from:

Wikipedia. 2016. Enter the Gungeon – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. [ONLINE] Available at: [Accessed 6 May 2016].


One thought on “FMP week 2

  1. Lucas, these need to be separated into individual blog posts, tagged and with a suitable reflection on each, discussing what you have learned and how this will help you with your FMP and your career aspirations. Simply posting the images is not enough and does not meet the minimum requirements expected of you at this stage. You are expected to engage with your research tasks and reflect on what you have learned and how you can apply it – without this you will not be able to pass.


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