Term 2 final bunker

This is my final bunker and in this blog post I will be reflecting on it and my work over the past few months. Also included was the tri count (13,088) to show that I kept under the 70,000 limit.

Capture of Tri count

This is an evaluation of my Final Product for Term 2, in this I shall be talking about if/how I covered the criteria of each Unit.

This project is set in an alternate 19th century where Napoleon had traveled to Egypt and found a mysterious power called the Tesseract. He used this power to conquer Europe and now plans to reset time and start the age of Napoleon. The story takes place at a resistance bunker that’s based within Canterbury.

My goals were to improve my skills with 3D modelling, texturing, sound design/editing, engine work, how to preserve and check my tri count as well as create a finished product that I could be proud to show. I expected to work as a team to create an entire bunker show casing our abilities with communicating and working well as a team.

What separates my product to others is the use of audio logs to trigger an emotional response but also a sense of intrigue from the player as they try to piece together what happened. If the bunker was entirely attached then as the player progressed they’d learn more and more about the bunker and the event that took place to leave it in its creepy, abandoned state.

Our ideal target audience was around late teens, mainly 16+, of the Male Gender. We were trying to focus on something that would attract most ages of audience as well. We wanted a game that could attract people who enjoy mystery and adventure.

The audience should notice my product as it’s a newcomer with a new idea/setting to the mystery/adventure genres which tries to immerse player in its story line using aesthetics and audio.

The message of my product/part of the bunker is that although the people who inhabited the bunker were soldiers, they were also human and could feel, I used my audio logs to convey this message as there was a father saying his last goodbye for his daughter and a soldier who was sick and tired of the fighting.

Unit 5 (LO3.1):

When creating the audio logs I encountered the problem of making it sound authentic to the device but I managed to create it by dragging my at the time webcam mic along my desk.

I needed ambience and a buzz light sound, I couldn’t record the ambience and I was running out of time to get a buzz light sound so we settled as a group to gather them off freesound.org.

I was very pleased with the outcome of my sounds after editing them, especially my voice recordings except I don’t believe the authentic phonograph sound came through when listened to which is due to a lack of skill in creating the effect I wanted. Also the background sound of the phonograph was too loud in the mix and the buzz light sound was too loud in all. I also learned of a problem regarding my ambience as it appears to not be looping.

Unit 6 (Lo3.1)

I am very proud of the outcome of my bunker room as I felt it really did fit the overall theme our studio was going for, especially with the paper scattered everywhere, I did mess up when It came to the blood hand stains as for starts it wasn’t entirely all blood there and that was obvious and some of the blood went a violet colour. I also messed up on a few textures of the assets, as on the bed, once the textures was glitching out but other than that I was very pleased with the assets in my room as well as their texturing.

The lights didn’t actually have a complete texture but they can’t be seen so I found that not to be much of a problem. With my post production, I was editing my specular and normal maps so they looked more realistic, but as I found it quite hard to make the walls and floor look realistic, I need to improve my skills.

Unit 7 (LO3.1)

Within the production of the interactive part of the environment I didn’t really have any problems setting up the interactive trigger boxes. The same with the 3D models, there wasn’t any problems I had when making them as I used the skills that I learnt already.

I created trigger boxes for my phonographs and put in the extra work to create a matinee to showcase my compass as I thought with its size and where it was placed it would be better to make it interactive.

When creating the models, when it was in the engine, i did have problems with the collision, it wasn’t complex enough on the models, so i went through each collision mesh so i could make the models have the correct collision.

If I was to do this task again I would definitely put more time and effort into my texturing and 3D modelling as although what I did was good if I had put more time and effort into getting the models and textures as authentic as I could. I would redo the wall textures as I messed up and they ended up getting stretched and the normal maps ended up being worse than I first thought they looked.


2 thoughts on “Term 2 final bunker

  1. Lucas, there is some effective work here in terms of your sounds and you demonstrate that you are able to use sound to communicate mood and help tell the story of your world. Your audio logs are generally good, although the sound of the device is a little loud in the mix. It is good to hear you adding a range of ambient sounds, although your electrical buzz is a little loud. Your ambient sound also does not loop here. Overall a good effort, but there are some areas that need development.


  2. Lucas, although you show the ability to reflect on your work and make some good points regarding the final outcome, you haven’t actually responded to the questions that were set. You must make sure that you use these questions in your evaluation.


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