Practical Diary Week 7&8

In my last 2 weeks off getting the bunker room complete, I really got down to business creating the last 3D assets I needed but the only one I put a lot of effort into was the phonograph.

The phonograph was quite rushed but I still spent a lot of time on it to make it seem authentic. Creating the body was easy, it was creating the speaker itself was more difficult but still fairly simple to do. I’ll include a snap of it when I can get one but I am very proud of it as it ended up looking good and clean but also still fitting to the dark setting of my room.


Painting diffse

The entire project I had decided to put some artwork in there and so I decided to put a famous painting of the Battle of Trafalgar which portrays HMS Victory. I very quickly creating this piece but put in quite a few effects and edited the levels of the brightness, contrast and saturation to make it look much darker within Unreal.

I realised after getting most assets in, that my room still didn’t fit what I was going for, so I decided to create a plain and texture it using multiple paper diffuse and opacity maps. I did this in order to make the room look much less organised and more ruined after the French attack and I believe it helped a lot.

I created a very quick shape to somewhat represent a light but it was nothing fancy and was untextured as the light sources were too bright to see the light anyway but It still gave shape to the lights.


As at this point I had all my sounds done and edited I inserted them into the engine.

I created trigger boxes and linked the audio log recordings to the 2 phonographs in the room and they would play/stop once the interact key (E) was pressed within the trigger box. For the ambience and buzz hiss sound I just inserted them into the piece, effected the attenuation of the lights so they were louder were the light where and I effected their volume to try make sure they weren’t too loud.

Below is the blueprint for the trigger box of the Father audio log.

Audiolog1 blueprint


One thought on “Practical Diary Week 7&8

  1. Lucas, again this is a basic post. There is no discussion of post-production for your sounds. Where is the detail on how you integrated sound, the problems that you faced and the solutions to those problems?


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