Dev Diary #3

The story of our environment is that the bunker has been attacked by the French and as the player adventures through the rooms the story develops as the player learns how the British got hold of some of the Tesseract from a Tesseract fueled bomb that didn’t explode after landing, and that the doctor’s experiments lead the Maintenance guy to betray them and give the location of the bunker to the French as one of the experiments killed his best friend.

There is many ways to tell a story, they can be in everything such as books, film, TV, theatre, paintings and more, and what’s important about a story is that it’s something to intrigued by and be involved in. Any good story could keep someone coming back for more and even searching for information that isn’t directly in the book out of sheer interest in what’s going on.

One my favourites stories in games is the story as “Valiant Hearts: The Great War” and yes I’ve covered this game many times before but it still stands as one the best stories I’ve ever experienced, or more like some of the best set of stories I’ve experienced. The story follows multiple characters in World War 1 as they try to get a German soldier (Karl) back to his love in France but this would never  come without sacrifice and struggle as they are constantly split up and thrown into the horrors of the war. *SPOILERS* Karl finally gets back to his wife (Marie) near the end of the game  but he nearly dies saving her and their son from a gas attack. Emile defies his officer’s suicidal order and accidentally kills him and is sent to be executed via firing squad without knowing that Karl got back to Marie, he actually believes Karl is dead. The end scene is always going to stick with me as it is so powerful yet so simple, and the fact he doesn’t know Karl is alive makes it so much worse as it’s a brutal reminder that sometimes people will never know if their sacrifice was worth it. The story is even more powerful because there is the reminder that this was an actual event and  people suffered as much as the characters did due to it being influenced by the letters of people who fought in WW1 (Not saying the story of the game is true).

Last week I wrote up my scripts for the characters in my room in the bunker and since they’ve gone under multiple edits and even though I recorded them this week I will edit them further to make them less dramatic and seem more realistic for the situation and the bunker.


These are views of my room from multiple sides, I created the birds eye view last so things will be different between them such as the bookshelf being tipped over and I won’t go back and make sure all differences are corrected so they all represent similar styles and lighting (I didn’t darken the birds eye view so everything can be seen clearly) because it shows the development of my idea. I need to make everything look more battered, destroyed and decayed to fit the theme. Other changes may occur when creating the room such as expanding it to add more beds depending on my tri count and how much time I have. As these were created early on I can’t assure that these are the anywhere near the design I may end up with but this is a good account of making progress on the layout.
During this week I also created pieces of concept art that portrayed the layout of my room but it is a final design and will most likely change. The designs were rushed due to time constraints but they still showed what I needed them to show.  



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