Practical Diary – Week 5

This week we looked into understanding the difference between atmosphere and ambience in sound; We identified the problems of creating ambient sound in our groups. We were then separately given a setting and a type of atmosphere and I had to create a one minute natural forest track and I evaluated it.

Creative problems:

When recording ambience and any sound in that matter there is always the problem of unwanted sound like people or nearby roads or even sounds that go unnoticed until editing.

Cross fading allows me to take 2 different clips that would otherwise not mix back to back and make it seem like they’re part of the same audio track which helps me smooth out sounds.

Technical problems:

Technical problems can be struggles with software and hardware, a good way to fix issues with either is to make sure that the equipment is okay, safe and works every week and when it comes to software I can simply reinstall the software, check for updates or get new software that’s better and works.

I also faced problems more specific to what I had to create as I was tasked with creating a  randomly generated location and mood by a set deadline. So I had the problems of quickly gathering sounds, editing them all together and having it done before I ran out of time which is solved purely by working quickly. I listened to examples, got a feel for what I needed and got it done.

The link below is my finished track and I’m proud of it as it is clean and it flows well. I can tell from listening to it that it’s a natural calming forest sound which is what I was trying to achieve.


In 3D we were tasked with creating an object of our choosing within a certain time limit. Capture Capture2P1010817_l

I used cut up spheres and the ladle tool to make and it may have looked elegant and authentic but it was broken in multiple places, the last sphere the candle is on is actually 2 spheres not even joined together at all.

I decided to create a candle but the result was a bad, unconnected, unfinished and over complicated candle which was too difficult for me to texture and i’m glad that I scrapped and decided to create a simpler and more situation fitting candle.



One thought on “Practical Diary – Week 5

  1. Lucas, you have a basic account of your practical skills here, but this needs greater development. You need to fully explain the task and ensure that you identify the problem that you were trying to solve. In the case of sound, this was to create ambience for a randomly generated location and mood within a time limit. What specific problems did you encounter when doing this? How did you solve these problems? You need to make sure that your posts are complete.


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