Dev Diary #6-8

It’s all good making a game but it’ll never sell without good advertisement so we’ve had a look into how to advertise the game but remembering that we have next to no budget for it as we’re only a small indie game developer. A lack of funding means we can’t do anything big like TV adverts, billboards or on the sides of public transport, but we can create online posters and banners to help promote our game. We as a group decided on certain roles who creates what and I ended deciding to do the Facebook banner. Dan is doing the YouTube banner, Bradley is doing the poster, Luke is doing the Twitter banner and Oscar is doing website banners.


After assigning roles we went went off to research things similar to what we would be doing, this involved me looking at the dimensions of Facebook banners which could limit my design as it would have to fit those dimensions. The dimensions for a facebook banner is 851 x 315 pixels. After this I set to developing some draft designs for ideas I had.


This is the first draft that I drew, it’s unfinished so I annotated it with other ideas to change it, although I liked this Idea but my Photoshop skills are lacking to create the fire effect I wanted so instead I changed my design. INPROGRESS-Banner Design #jointlayers

This is the design I was first after. This image was originally flat but after saturating an image of cloth so it had no colour, after saving It I applied it as a filter to the Union jack, dragged it over the flag and changed its layer affect to hardlight which resulted in this. The fading black in the corner is meant to represent where the fire would be.

3: talk to group about idea

After creating my first Photoshop design I went back to my group and after discussing it for a while we decided to scrap the fire and instead go for a colony style flag like Australia’s with the French flag near on the British flag. This first idea was simple and rushed and I quickly scrapped it but it was mainly for experimenting of where to put the French flag.

INPROGRESS-Banner Design

After doing some thinking I settled on this design with the French flag behind the British some parts of the British flag cropped out to let the French flag come through. After merging the layers and applying the filter to make the flag look like it’s in wind or crumpled up a bit I got this extra effect which affected how the flag looks but I found it to look quite good, then I just added the title to the top and adjusted the dimensions. It may look a bit stretched but I believe it works.

FNew banner design



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