Dev Diary #5

In this week we as a group had to write a synopsis of our bunker and we did this by going off and writing our own separate synopsis’s then coming together to create a final one we all agreed with as well as coming up with the story of the character and how he got to the bunker.

This is the synopsis I first came up with:

“It’s 1842 and Mainland Europe has fallen and Britain is on the verge of collapse… her armies and navy defeated, her will destroyed. All that can halt Napoleon’s global conquest is you… Welcome to the resistance.”

Although it’s simple I quite like this as it accurately portrays the setting and point of the game without giving anything more than I had to away and the use of trying make the reader feel like they have to save the world could work to the games advantage.

After coming together as a group we came to the conclusion that this was the best of all pieces:

“The year, 1842. In an alternative history, Napoleon has conquered mainland Europe with a mysterious source of power called….The Tesseract. One day, an escapee from a French prison camp, stumbles across a bunker he knew too well. Wanting to know what happened to the bunker whilst he was gone, he searched around for anything that could help his curiosity. Will the secrets be uncovered? What type of events were still waiting to be revealed…”

I feel like this is the best we could have done as it leaked minimum information but still enough for the reader to understand the scenario as well as sparking curiosity in them to find out what actually happened in the bunker and what secrets it held, it also sparks curiosity by telling the reader that there’s more yet to happen.

I enjoyed this piece of work as it helped bring up group together but also allowed me to forward my skills in creating interest with using the bare minimum which is a good skill to have in advertisement as it makes the viewer more interested to venture into the world and uncover what’s hidden.


In this week we also started to develop a diorama of our room, I got all assets finished but due to a lack of time I never got it finished. Which teaches me I actually have to work faster to complete things within the deadline. The diorama is useful as it helped the group develop our communication skills as we had to agree on textures and sizing of our rooms. I would like to have finished as it really could have been much more useful in understanding more about my idea but compared to the finished product it’s quite similar. 


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