Practical Diary – Week 4

This week I created and textured a chair based of an image of a chair from the 1800’s. After creating the base of the chair and the simpler parts I had to use the line and lathe tool to create the more complex parts of the chair using a reference image in the background to do so. I am pleased with the outcome of my chair’s model but I am yet to get round to finally get round to texturing it properly but for getting the UVW template we used the cylinder modifier to unwrap the complex parts of the chair.

Capture Capture2 Lancashire_oak_chair_mid_19th__as226a065b

What went well with this was that the overall shape of it came out good and how I wanted, though it maybe slightly different from the reference I prefer it how I did it but I definitely need to improve on my texturing skills as they are currently quite poor. From this I have learned how to create tricky and complex shapes by using the lathe tool and a reference image.

This week for sound, we were tasked to in our groups choose a variety of objects to make sounds for a mechanical robot video. After working out who was using what object and when they were going to use it, it was then our turn to perform the Foley work. We first went through a testing stage so we could be more in sync with the robots movements. We then were able to start our real Foley performance. Through the performance, I noticed we were a tad out of sync on some parts of the performance, but we also managed to get back in sync when we did fall out.

Overall, I think that our Foley performance went well as we collaborated/communicated well in post-production. I think the only thing that could have been improved was our timings.


One thought on “Practical Diary – Week 4

  1. Lucas, again there is no discussion of sound in this post. Where is all of you sound work? You need to make sure that this is present and discussed fully.


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