Practical Diary – Week 3

In this week I had to create a book for my environment using tools such as chamfer but when It came to texturing we used a new tool called stitch to put the pieces of the book together so It was easier to texture. I am pleased with the result of my book and the texture of it as the model is clean and looks like the intended object and the texture currently shown is good maybe slightly stretched by that won’t be noticeable once in the engine.

When creating the book, we first had to make the base model, this was just a simple cuboid. After that, we then selected 3 of the smaller poly’s, then inset them then after insetting them I then extruded them inwards, using the setting ‘local normal’.

After making a simple book shape model, we then added a dip near the spine to create that spine effect on the book, for this we selected the top and bottom edges of the book then used the connect tool to add more edges going down the book. Then after placing them in an area suitable for the spine dip effect, I then chamfer effect to create the slight dip.

I plan to make multiple textures so not every book in the environment is the same and I currently don’t have a capture of the book when textured I plan to upload one soon.

Update: I decided I was going to make the extra textures if I had time before putting it all together in engine of which I did not.

Capture Capture2



Below are the recordings  my edited updated scripts as well as the background sound of the phonograph.

In editing them I used skills that I had learnt before in term 1 and they really helped with making the recording more realistic .I used tools such as Equalization as this tool really helped to remove the bass from my recording and then I added reverb to make it sound more like the characters were underground and then I added it to my background noise.


One thought on “Practical Diary – Week 3

  1. Lucas, where is your discussion of the sound recording process for this week? You have not mentioned any of this in what is already a very basic post on the practical skills that you have learned.


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