Practical Diary – Week 2

We had freedom to create whatever asset we wanted this week and I decided to create a chest using simple tools like boxes, planes and spheres and this was the finished result:

Capture Capture2

To create this I used boxes, spheres and planes. I used extrude and connect to make the slopes on the legs after as I extruded the box, pulled and connected the vertices together.

I dislike the result (Never finished texturing it) as I feel it looks too connected, less natural and not worn down enough so I have decided to recreate it by making the shape simpler and focusing on making it’s texture look better and appropriate for the environment.


This week I also looked into what devices in that time could be used for sound recording and after researching I found that the closest device to 1870 was the Edison tin foil phonograph which still didn’t exist then but due to the Tesserect and how it’s power has advanced technology we have settled to use that. I then had to design a couple of characters and their scripts for my room. I don’t really have any characters in my room as it’s more out of the way and not related to the story but this may change as I develop the ideas for them.

I have 2 characters, both unnamed, one being a father saying his last goodbye and the other being a soldier who is done with the fighting.

The first character is a father who’s scared, upset and regretful that he may never see his daughter again.

The second character did start off as a calm and theatrical person in his script but that changed into someone who’s angry about the war as it was just too out of place for the setting.

Original script: scripts for college

Updated script: to be uploaded.


One thought on “Practical Diary – Week 2

  1. Lucas, this is a very basic account of Week 2 practical skills. You have not provided enough detail on the session and the tasks that you completed. For example, with audio, you should have been discussing how sound can be used to tell your story, our discussion of technology and your task to create a character and produce a script for your audio log. You need to make sure that you discuss this fully, identifying any problems and solutions that identified.


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