Dev Diary #4

Most stories need characters and every character will have some different traits and beliefs. The traits of characters are what makes them unique and human and even builds a story of character as people come interested in what made the character the way they are such why Lara Croft became an archaeologist and her voice gives away she’s come from some sort of posh background. We looked into games characters and who our favourites were to develop the characters in our bunkers.

One of my favourite characters in video games is GLaDOS from the portal franchise.


GLaDOS is a human intelligence put into a machine that runs the entire Aperture Science facility after murdering the scientists that put her in there using a nerve toxin and she continues to do testing on subjects such as the silent protagonist Chell starting of as narrating the character through the tests her messages and tone change from robotic and useful to hostile and personal as she tries to kill Chell but fails. When Chell finally confronts GLaDOS she removes her morality core and she goes from robotic to sensual showing her now as more human than robot. All that is discovered by the first game is that GLaDOS was created for the purpose of helping create portal technology but in the second game she somehow survives and goes from worst enemy to Chell’s closest ally to stop the power mad Wheatley. GLaDOS changes as the personality of Caroline who was the assistant of Cave Johnson (The old CEO) in her becomes more prominent.

Her dialogue is great, witty and hilarious such as “Oh Hi, how are you holding up? Because I’m a potato” and “We’ve both said a lot of things you’re going to regret”.

She is a perfect villain as she is maniacal, crazy and very powerful  even till the end of portal 1 where she tries to make you an offer to be her slave even as you try to kill each other.

And finally her character develops amazingly as she learns by the end of the second game that she will never kill you after failing so many times and actually starts to like Chell and let’s her go. So  her character goes from hostile to friendly throughout the series but no matter what she continues to be funny and make fun of Chell’s weight when she isn’t actually fat.

The Characters in our bunker haven’t really been touched on in detail. All we have so far is  the maintenance person and he was vengeful because the Doctor killed his closest friend. Those are the only characters actually involved within the story so far that anyone knows about other misc characters used for the audio logs.


For the story of our environment we’ve decided to have it battered and slightly destroyed as the player has returned to it 15 years after it being attacked and losing to the French which is also why the amount of ambient sound will be quite low as there’s no longer anything going on. The French not only left the bunker in a terrible state they also destroyed the surrounding buildings to make sure no rebels were hiding in them.



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