Dev Diary #2

This week we decided on the location and theme of our bunker in order to know what sort of environmental sounds are required and how the assets within my room will look like as well create moodboards for the style of my room and our bunker, this is crucial to the bunker because it will determine the look and feel of everything from this point on.

We decided to place our bunker underneath Canterbury Castle because it’s an already walled off area it has a nearby water source and is tied into the story of our bunker as the way the people in the bunker got hold of some of the tesseract is that a tesseract powered bomb landed in castle without blowing up.

For the theme we’ve decided to go for a cave with dim lighting but with tesseract powered lamps (except my room as it’s only the quarters) but most things in the bunker have to appear damaged or destroyed because it’s set after an attack by the French wiped everyone inside out.

This was a good exercise as it allowed us to get a better understanding of our bunker as well as the many different styles it could be created in.


Set Design + props:

The Moodboard

Location + Setting:

moodboard for location + setting

Lighting and style:


These moodboards are meant to represent the theme and ideas for the bunker and my room but I clearly need to improve or redo these if I get the time to do so as they look quite rushed I believe the lighting and style isn’t fully portrayed in the last one. We were also tasked for making a moodboard of our inspirational references but our group didn’t really have any inspirations for our story or our bunker.


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