Dev Diary #1


In this term I will be working in a group in order to create a bunker, my group consists of Daniel, Oscar, Luke and Bradley with our project manager being our tutor Jay. Me and my group have to design and create a room each creating our own assets and sounds that will be used in that room. We are only allowed to use 70,000 tris per room.

The bunker we’re creating is set during an alternate timeline where Napoleon has discovered the Tesseract and has invaded all of Europe using his technological advantage and we have to create a bunker for the resistance to launch their operations from and preserve precious artifacts as Napoleon plans to reset the years to 0000.

Logo and name

We had to come up with a game studio name and logo. Firstly we thought of Crystal Seth Productions, the crystal was related to the Tesseract and Seth is the Egyptian god of Chaos to portray the sort of games we’d like to create but due to It also sounding like Crystal Meth we had to change the name. This was my logo design:

I used the anarchy A to portray it as chaotic like Seth.


We then switched name to toxic toad stall which quickly became Shadow Cache Studios.

This is the logo I started designing for Shafow Cache Studios:

and this is our finished logo:

FInished logo

Profiles and their development

My group had to create social media accounts for Napoleon and Arthur Wellesley. Daniel and Brad created the profile for Arthur while me and Oscar created the profile for Napoleon. Luke was ill during this time so he could not contribute.


As the pictures show we started from scrap and slowly built up the profile by adding information in his about section and little bit more information under his name, we also added quotes in as his statuses, then after adding his profile picture I cleaned it up using the black bars to separate the information and I added a Facebook toolbar along the top.

This is the profile of Arthur created by Bradley and Daniel. arthur-wellesley-3

These profiles are secondary research as we looked at online sources for our information.


We also looked at some of the audio problems we could face and how to solve them.

Mindmap audio problems


I’m happy with the work that’s been produced and I’m working well with the team. I feel like I could have designed my profile to look even more like Facebook and I would have preferred to have Crystal Seth as our company name but It has taught me to think smarter about names due to the problem they can cause.


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