Practical Diary – Week 1

In my first week of Term 2 all I have worked on was a compass that may be used in the bunker when creating it. To create the compass I only used tools that I’ve worked with before such as extrude and chamfer. I created the compass in stages, first I created the main base for it, then I created the pin and needle in the centre before creating the ring on the top and I finished it by making the glass on top.

This was the first time I had created anything to represent glass and did so by creating a sphere and removing over half of it to get the top, I then assigned a material to it and lowered the opacity to 20 and increased the gloss and speculation level. I then proceeded to flatten and scale the shape till it fit appropriately to the object. I also learned how to see my triangle (Tris) count to make sure I kept to a minimum as I have a limit of 70,000 triangles for my room.

Here is the final product after texturing:

Snip1 snip2 snip3

I am very pleased with the final product as I kept it at 592 Tris and still think it came out looking quite good, although If I wasn’t limited I would gladly make it much smoother with many more tris and I would have created a more sophisticated looking needle as the one in my compass is simply a 2D plain reshaped with welded points.




One thought on “Practical Diary – Week 1

  1. Lucas, where is your discussion of sound and world building? Where is your mind map and discussion of audio production problems for The Age of Napoleon, focusing on creative, technical and organisational problems? You need to make sure that you have completed this work as part of your Week One practical diary.


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