Working as a team + Health & Safety

Working as a team:

When working as a part of a team there are a lot of things to consider, everyone should be able to voice their ideas and opinion and have their ideas respected, and although everyone should get along with each other it should be kept to professional standards so there shouldn’t be any/much messing around and the job must be the primary focus as well everyone being consistent with their responsibilities in the team and consistent at a working standard so they don’t start to slow down or rush ahead leaving the team behind. The team should split work equally so they can meet the targets by the deadlines.

Health and Safety:

No matter what health and safety should be kept in mind, making sure that you’re taking regular breaks to protect your eyes from the computer screen, as well as keeping all food and drinks away from the technology so they don’t break them in any way and that there isn’t any loose wires that I or someone else could trip up on.


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