Virtual Gallery Reflection

Recently I have created a virtual gallery and now i’m going to reflect on it because It is always good to overlook what I’ve done, record what went into it and evaluate it to see what went well/bad for next time I do something like this.

Many skills were demonstrated when creating the gallery as it showcased my work as well as my ability to put my work into a virtual environment. It demonstrated skills such as:

  • Organisation: I had to plan what was going into my gallery before hand so I knew what assets I’d need.
  • Texturing: I textured quite a few of the assets I used in the gallery showing that I capable of doing so.
  • 3D Modelling: My 3D room showcases the work I’ve done in 3DSmax.
  • Recording: The cinema and the voice overs show that I can record.
  • Video Editing: The Limbo dub in the cinema showcases my ability to edit videos.
  • Primary Research: The art room shows a box being made which was primary research as well as anything that relates to the West gate gardens trip (the tree from reference and a photograph in the art room).
  • Secondary Research: this is shown by the textures and some of the sounds I’ve used as I went online to find them, this is also show in my evolution of foliage voice over as I went online to learn about it.
  • Animation: All the doors that I want animated are animated.
  • Programming: I programmed a variety of things within the level blueprint.

All these skills can be used in a variety of industry sectors, be it triple-A games or indie and on Console, mobile or even VR, these skills can still be used in the creation of games like these and on different devices. These skills can be used in a variety of jobs, such as a 3D artist, level designer, sound recorder, game programmer etc. Obviously each job is different and will have different advantages/disadvantages; for instance there are so many more 3D artists then programmers so in the industry, I would have a better chance as a programmer and programmers usually get paid more but it wouldn’t be as fun as working on 3D.


To ensure I completed my work before/by the deadline I had a plan of what I needed to get and what I needed to insert into my work, although I may not have kept entirely to my original plan It still helped in making sure I got what i had to get done in time. During the creation of my gallery I still had to keep in mind health and safety, I had to make sure I was taking regular breaks to protect my eyes from the computer screen, I kept all food and drinks away from the technology so I don’t break them in any way and I had to make sure there wasn’t any loose wires that I or someone else could trip up on.

I wanted a calm and collected mood within my virtual gallery as it is only a showcase of my work. To do this I went with rather bright lighting, calm music, bright/vibrant colours as I didn’t want people thinking that my gallery is filled horror like Amnesia: The Dark Decent does  Amnesia-03 but instead good work that’s enjoyable to view. I believe the textures I helped this as they were bright and I thought looked quite nice, except maybe the chairs. The bright colours helped achieve what I wanted simply by fitting the atmosphere I was trying to create. Although the cinema room is dark it is only for the video and I hope it does go to far away from the feel I was trying create. I believe my gallery does give off the atmosphere I was trying to create especially when compared to something like Amnesia. I was after the sort of relaxing feel that a game like flower gives off.

If I did want a horror theme then I would search for much darker and maybe more gruesome textures, I would dims the lights drastically to the point where it quite difficult to see much and I would have picked much creepier ambient music and sound effects (such as a creaking door).

When preparing for my virtual gallery I did quite a bit of research into the 3DS virtual Louvre to see how they created theirs and how it works so I could maybe try to replicate it a bit. I also did research into various royalty free sound/music and texture sites so I was prepared when it came to needing  to actually acquire sounds and textures, this is all secondary research, I did not do any primary research into galleries which I regret but I still believe my gallery came out very well and I am pleased with the result. The research I did and the websites I had found came very useful while I creating my gallery as it meant if I needed any sounds or textures I knew exactly where to find them when I needed them.



If I was to do this task again I would definitely put more time and effort into my research as although what I did was good if I had more primary research I’m sure that the design and layout of my gallery would be better and also give me a better about spacing between artwork and 3D work. I would also try to get much more time to do the gallery so I can texture everything I get looking as good and realistic as I can, and I could have gotten more sounds as well as done more and better voice overs for the items within my gallery as some of the voices I did were rushed and I was obviously tired in them.



vignette2.wikia, (2011), Amnesia-03.jpg [ONLINE]. Available at: [Accessed 18 December 15].



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