Week 6/7 – Full time and freelance contracts.

In this task I looked into the types of contracts and the differences between them to educate myself for the future when I get a full time or a freelance job. This is so i’m aware of the importance of the contract and the power I would hold within one.

We learned that contracts are very important when getting a job as they will determine the work you have to do, the pay and how long you have to work on it, they also set the rules and limits of both the employer and the employee.

If you’re working without a contract then you have no ground to stand on if the client/employer was to then not pay you the amount they said, as it was never set in stone that they HAVE to pay that amount and can easily swindle you out of your hard work and pay you less for it.

When organising a contract you’d want to make sure it has clear definitions and clear expectations (You’ve got to understand the rules of the contract and what you have to do to fulfil the contract).

When in a contract the employers can’t  bring in another client to do the job but if they do you can cancel the contract and with a good lawyer still get paid for it as it’s not what you signed up for and is a clear violation of the contract.

5 things to know about contracts:

  • You shouldn’t start work without a contract
  • Don’t accept terms blindly and always read the contract.
  • They protect both parties.
  • Always have a kill fee (if your work isn’t used then they still have to pay you a percentage of the amount promised.
  • Lawyers will talk to lawyers, don’t accept a contract without letting your lawyer look over it and discuss it with the employers lawyer.



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