Week 6 & 7 – Hard Surface Perspective Drawing

In this task I watched ‘BBC David Hockneys Secret Knowledge 1of2’, I looked into perspective drawings, then I had to copy 1 and 2 point perspective drawings (and scale them up) and then I went and took my own pictures of 1 and 2 point perspectives to print to A4 then scale up onto A3. This was all done to research and further my understanding of perspective imagery and drawings.

In the documentary David Hockney talks about how art suddenly improved in the 1400s and that images started having a depth of field in them as paintings and drawings stopped being flat and started having perspective to them but they were only limited to small drawings roughly 30cm wide. This was the case until Filippo Brunelleschi created a painting where he used a concave mirror to create a 2 point perspective building and then expanded the perspective lines and turned it into a 1 point perspective painting in order to expand the image and include the street. But Van Eyck expanded his masterpiece by attaching extra panels to it.


Perspective drawings require many different components, all perspective drawings have what’s called the horizon line which is the line that vanishing point lies on which is the point that the lines converge on. Perspectives are very useful as they can give off a realistic view of things and help create the illusion of reality and 3D in media such as games. e.g. Rock band and guitar hero. guitarheroandrockband



I liked how these came out as I thought they looked quite good but I felt they I should and could have put more detail in some areas as well and I could have definitely shaded some areas but my biggest problem was getting all the scales right and more often than not I had to redo lines in order to make the drawing look correct and I had to leave things out so it looked good, this was one of the difficulties I faced while drawing. I would have to draw the horizon line first, then find the vanishing point and then use a protractor on the image I was copying from to find the angle of which the converging lines where entering it from in order to create the basis of my drawing and then all that was left was to add detail and clean up the lines.

To create the drawings I used a pencil, an eraser and 2 rulers. The reason I used 2 was for in the 2 point perspectives when 1 of the vanishing points was off the paper and I had to use rulers to mark out where the point was which was another one of the difficulties I faced while creating the images.

Perspective drawing can help in the future for creating concept art of buildings and other places like roads and alleys and I can also use this skill when it comes to creating places like those within games to give the impact of length. My research from the documentary can also help me for creating larger pieces which contain 2 point and 1 point perspectives by using the technique of Filippo Brunelleschi.

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Blogcdn, (2007), guitarheroandrockband [ONLINE]. Available at: http://www.blogcdn.com/www.joystiq.com/media/2007/11/guitarheroandrockband.jpg [Accessed 25 November 15].


One thought on “Week 6 & 7 – Hard Surface Perspective Drawing

  1. I am very impressed with this blog post, you have researched this very well and provided a good account of the David Hockney documentary. The drawings turned out well, I am very impressed with them. Can you also embed the original images in this please. You need to discuss your tools, methods and skills to support this. Evaluate by comparing and contrasting your project and what you have learnt. How is this going to help you in the future?

    Please reply ‘updated’ when complete.


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