Week 4&5 – Limbo Dub

In this task I had to listen to a scene from the game Limbo and then I was tasked with trying to recreate the sounds within the scene first using paper and then using household objects.

The first thing I had to do was analyse the video and identify the sounds required, then I would try and match those sounds and record them so that they could be used to dub over the video.

After recording my sounds I edited them in audacity, mainly just amplifying them but I also used its other tools to try and make some of the sounds echo as well as adjusting the sounds tempo. I also turned all the sounds I was using into mono-tracks so they sounded the same through both ears. When I was done editing each sound I would export them so they could be used in other programs such as adobe premiere which was what I had to use next.

In premiere I had to get the limbo video and unlink the sound and video so that I could delete the sound and insert my own, I had to use the video and put the sounds in accordingly so they would fit to what was happening. When I was done dubbing the limbo video I had to export it and upload it to YouTube so that I may use it here.

Paper dub:

Household objects dub:

I think that the paper dub was better than the household objects dub and that it was closer to the original video than the other dub. I especially enjoyed the footsteps on the paper dub as I believe that they came out quite accurate to the actual sound effect in the game. I am also annoyed that I failed to get a good background noise for both dubs. I also think that the household object dub was pretty bad and didn’t come out as well as I had hoped and the next time I have to dub something using Foley I will make sure that the sounds are much closer to the original so when I do dub over that I’m quite proud of the work I have done.


From this task I had learned that not everything sounds as good as I might think at first, I’ve learned how to use audacity and premiere so that I have basic understanding of those programs and I also learned that I need to improve my ability to record sounds and to improve the creative part of me so that I may use more objects to create better sounds.


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