Week 7 – Road to my personal media career: Social Media

In this task I had to look at how social media could be used to advertise a game, how important social media is as well as its pros and cons and come up with a marketing plan for the game that I’ve talked about before by using social media.

Social media can be used to advertise games as it is a great way to communicate ideas and products around the world for free which is great for the big well known game studios and publishers but for the smaller ones it isn’t as easy to be noticed, so that’s why social media offers paid promotions which promote the game to loads of people for a price. But social media updates quickly so posts can be easily missed. This all helps make social media quite important for promoting games, especially for those that can’t massive market (on TV, in shops, on the sides buses etc.) their games due to a lack of money as it means they can branch out on sites like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube etc. without having to pay so much.

Due to the fact that my games studio has never been heard of before my build up of followers would be very small so I shouldn’t seek to be ambitious.

I would have to start small, most likely on Facebook and Twitter and I would try and promote my game to its target audience on other sites such as Reddit and tumblr and hopefully people would start to talk about the game and spread it to other people so that we start to get a following, even it’s only a couple of hundred. When the game has reached around 200-300 followers I would start to launch paid promotions in order to spike interest and curiosity into anyone who sees the adverts and hopefully that would start to quickly pick us up a small community of around 1000-1500 people (this would take a few months), at that point I would like to launch a kickstarter and post content on it 2 times a week of which would then be linked onto the social media sites that we have set up at times that people are most likely to notice.e.g 7-8pm on a Friday night where people just got home from work and are checking up on their social media. On the kickstarter we would give gifts to people depending on how much donate but we would still have to reach a profit margin from the donations so the gifts would have to be cheap again depending on the donation amount and we would need to consider the money percentage that kickstarter would want from our idea.

I would have to keep up consistency in the posts but not reveal too much of the game at once to keep people interested and wanting more and maybe we could even get an early version of the game on steam greenlight. We would also have to be prepared to talk about our game and not be nervous so people would take us more seriously.

To further my own career I could use social media as portfolios that are easy to promote and share and hopefully be noticed by employers, I would also use LinkedIn to help promote myself and my work.


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