Week 5 – The Player Experience (Target Audience)

What is the importance of audience? Well that depends on the game. Huge games/franchises can do something called ‘blanket marketing’ where they advertise the game only a large variety of social medias, on TV, they’ll sponsor shows and they’ll even have public advertisement, for instance; on the side buses, posters in windows or events like ‘Eurogamer’. Whereas smaller games usually go to where their specific audience is to advertise their game, they go to the communities where the game would be most appreciated. Although small games can try to market like the bigger games do, the chance of them succeeding is quite low as the game may not be noticed as much by it’s target audience and/or may be unappreciated by those that do play it as they might expect to be as good as a triple A title, the could also not have the resources/budget to keep promoting their game so much and they would also have to try and keep up with the much bigger game’s hype or they could be quickly forgotten about by most as they then focus on the bigger game.

During this task I also had to evaluate what audience the game idea that me and my group came up with a few days before this post.

See the game Idea here or For more detail see it on my fellow student’s blog here.

The target audience would have to be people who are interested in free running and games, free running games but also first person shooters, a good community to reach out to would be the TitanFall community due to the mechanics of both games being quite similar, we could reach out to the current and old fans of the game who may be looking for something new that has more content. We would have to search for where these people are still present on the internet and reach out to them and see if they would be interested in a similar game but instead focuses on co-op more than multiplayer. The game would still have multiplayer but no giant mechas.



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