Week 3 – Psychology of Sound and Music in Games

In this task I had to study how people reacted while playing games, with and without sound in order to see how sound and music effected games and the player’s experience.

The game that the people played are: Five nights at Freddy’s, Guitar hero and Horizon Chase

With Five nights at Freddy’s I found that even without sound the game can still make people jump due to jump scares but it didn’t have as big as an impact on the player as the play through with sound did because the sound would create a tense atmosphere so that the player was much more vulnerable to the jump scares when they happened.The player also clicked much more due to a lack of sound because they were less aware of what was going on.

With guitar I found that the player would sometimes move their body to beat when playing with the sound on and actually played better than without sound because they could get use to the Rhythm of the song  but when there was no sound  the player did very little other than play the guitar due to the lack of immersion from the game and when asked about their experience, most people enjoyed the game more with sound than without. Also seen as only one song was allowed to be played and only on difficulty, the player would start improving as they would get used to the song.

With Horizon Chase I found that the player’s performance didn’t really change at all if there was sound or not but most people agreed that the game was far more enjoyable and entertaining when there was sound because they liked the music of the game. The only thing in this test that effected the player’s performance was that they would get better at the game the more they played.

Problems with the tests:

Usually the player’s skill would increase the more they played the game and some even had previous experience with the games which all effected their performance, this was seen especially in Horizon chase and Guitar hero but there’s not much skill that goes into Five night at Freddy’s anyway so the main variable that effected that game is the player would have already experienced what happens in the first time they played so if they did get jump scared in their next play through it may not have been as effective due to previous experience of it.


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