Week 7 – Audience Influence on the production of a video game.

In this task I had to look at 3 games or consoles that have been altered due to audience feedback. After a while of thinking about what I could  do I decided to look at a console, a game that barely changed after it’s beta and a game that still gets patched.

The console I’ve decided to look at is the Xbox One which was seen a terrible device on its first reveal as you can see from  the video below:

The way they were promoting the Xbox one  was less as a gaming console and more as an overall entertainment system which annoyed its fans because they wanted to see the new generation of console and how well they’d beat  playing games, but the outrage did actually go on to change  the  xbox one for its release, it  went  from being seen as  inferior to the PS4 to being on the same  level as it (But the argument  of what’s better continues). So overall the Xbox one went  from being  seen a joke to being a well received and loved console because of their audience’s complaints.


The first game I’ll be looking at is ‘Battlefield:  Hardline’. The beta of this game was well received and well loved by many players, even  I loved  the  beta, I enjoyed  it a lot and just like other players I  was very hyped for  it’s release and  to see what else  was going to be in the game.  But  other than a few maps, a few extra weapons and the singleplayer, the game that was released was  near enough exactly the same as the game on release which was  seen as a failure to it’s players by most (including me), although I enjoyed the game I quickly went back to its predecessor ‘Battlefield 4’ which was still being worked on by ‘EA DICE LA’ and was vastly greater than ‘Battlefield: Hardline’. Although Visceral are improving Hardline and releasing more and more content for it, the fact they failed their fans on release remains.


And the last game I  will be talking about is one  of my favourites; ‘League  of Legends’ which is  a MOBA (Massive Online Battle Arena) and updated either every couple of weeks or monthly (It varies) and during 2014-2015 for a few months they released a patch that made the game not enjoyable for a huge part of its player base and was criticized by the player a lot, but after listening to their community Riot Games eventually (It took a while) sorted out the game and put in back into a balanced state. Recently they  did release a patch which has  been received differently by the community,  some really enjoy it and others really hate and of course there are those who are indifferent but it definitely feels like they’ve really unbalanced the  game again which may upset the community like it did last time.


Video reference:

Darkbeat. (2013). Xbox One Reveal 2013 Highlights. [Online Video]. 21 May. Available from: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KbWgUO-Rqcw. [Accessed: 18 November 2015].


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