Week 4 – Juxtaposition

In this task, we learnt how juxtaposition is used within the media and where it is used.

We also learned the importance of juxtaposition and that it can be used to draw a viewer in or confuse, or even alert them to something is off, for instance taking a peaceful looking town and adding creepy music to it can show that the town isn’t as peaceful as it looks.

We learnt that juxtaposition is used within advertisements for creating things such as montages, quite like a poster for a certain product, you would add different images and edit them to make a montage.


First I started by getting a background forest image that looks perfectly natural with not much to it.


Then I decided to crop out the ship another image and add a rock in front of it to cover a part that looked less natural and just bad. screen3

Then I decided to darken up the the entire image to bring out the crash site more using the light behind it as if crashed into the forest and created the opening that the light in now coming through.

If I was to do it again, I would definitely redo the rock so it actually fits within the image, I’d make the crash more natural by making it look like there was much more of an impact when it crashed and I’d definitely remove the red look I gave the forest, but i’m not sure if I actually did cause I’m colourblind. I’d definitely have to improve my photoshop skills to do everything I wanted though.


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