Week 5 – Road to my Personal Media Career

In this task I had to create a games studio, come up with a game idea and decide of what job role I would do/want to do and what other people i’d need to hire, I was working in a group of 3 and the other 2 also did the same.

Game Idea: A planet known as Odyssey was terraformed to be covered by forest and was colonised, but now the Government have sent in the ‘Authority’ to kick out the colonists and mine the planet of it’s resources. The game is 1-4 players co-op in raids but out of raids it is a free-roam MMORPG.

The job role I needed to write a post about is a gameplay programmer.

Employers: Insight Gaming.

Job description: We are looking for a talented programmer who is ready for a challenge in programming our current game: Take back Odyssey

Location: England

Salary: Based on Experience

Experience:  You will need experience in 3DS Max and the Unreal 4 engine and you will need some experience programming a game already.


  • Be able to programme in C++ and other languages
  • Have good communication skills
  • Able to work and think for yourself (be creative) but also as part of a team
  • Have a good understanding of gameplay
  • Good understanding of the English language
  • Understanding of Health and Safety regulations

Qualifications:  You will need to have passed a games course in this specific field that has been awarded the Creative Skillset Tick.

Qualities: You will need to be a team player that is hard working, friendly, creative, articulate and have a diverse background within the field.

I could publish this job post on sites such as ‘gamesindustry.biz’ and ‘gamesjobsdirect.com’.

Other’s work:

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Charlie: https://charlieshafegamesdevelopment.wordpress.com/2015/11/04/week-5-requirements-for-a-games-idea-job/


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