Westgate Gardens Trip

On the morning of 22/10/2015 I went to Westgate Gardens to do primary research on foliage to help me in the future when it comes to making realistic forest/garden settings, I recorded sounds and took photographs and did a very quick sketch of a tree, I would have done more but the trip was then cancelled because it started to rain.

In preparation of going to Westgate Gardens I thought about the tools, methods and skills I will need to know and have.

Tools: Camera, Sketch pad, pencil, rubber, a recording device, a tripod for the camera and possibly my phone.

Methods:  I will have to find area to take a picture of and then I will have to find the best angle/position to take it from.

Skills: I will have to know how to use the recording device and the camera as well as understand any health and safety concerns on the trip.


In the end I had no problems with these and all the equipment was easy to use and had no faults other than the trip had to be cancelled due to weather conditions



The sounds went well even with background noise, sometimes the sounds were a bit too loud or too quiet but I can always adjust the volume. When trying to record the ambiance of the area, I was worried that the nearby roads would affect the outcome but after listening to it I realised that the vehicles on the roads actually sounded like a stream in the background. When I wasn’t trying to record the ambiance the background noises did become a problem but I believe that the recordings still came out well.


Although not all photos are in this gallery, the ones removed were too similar to other photos.

I believe that the photos could really help me when it comes to perspectives and photo-realism when i’m designing foliage for an engine/game in the future.

The sketch and rubbing:


The rubbing of a pine leaf went really well gave me the effect I was after but the sketch of a pine tree didn’t go so well due to having to rush it. 

This research helps me as I can use the photographs to create foliage from reference as well as get an idea on garden like areas and I edit and use the sounds for projects which involve foliage areas. This work has also developed my creative side when it comes to recording as I realised I can take sounds that can be interruptive and use them as the sound for something else.


3 thoughts on “Westgate Gardens Trip

  1. Really good information in here and well researched day. Unfortunately the trip was cancelled! Think about extending your evaluation by making sure you are covering how this is going to help you in your work and why.


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