Week 4 – Organic 3D Modelling (Foliage)

I created a tree in 3Ds Max by first creating the trunk and using the bevel tool to create the first branch and then I copied and slightly edited the branch a few times to create the top of the tree before applying many leaf textures after making their diffuse and opacity maps. I created this to help my understanding of how to create trees in 3ds Max as well as how to properly texture planes. Sadly I forgot to screenshot my progress.

I found that the production process was slightly difficult as it was my first time attempting this but after working with it a bit I started to get used to it and found it easier but then again it did start getting simpler. I am pleased with the result as I thought the tree looked rather realistic except that I didn’t get the trunk textured so If I was to do it again I would texture the trunk, add some branches and add more leaves to try and avoid the fact that they are only 2D being noticed.

This is the result:

Screenshot 1 screenshot 2 Screenshot 3


2 thoughts on “Week 4 – Organic 3D Modelling (Foliage)

  1. Your final tree looks good, especially as you did not have a reference to base this off of. You need to add a reflection to this task. How did you find the production process? Was it difficult/easy? Were you happy with the final outcome and how did it compare to your initial intentions. If you could do it again would you change anything?


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