Week 4 – Copyright

I have been researching into copyright for three different materials; Sound, music and Images/textures and have used the Unity store and it’s licensing page for research. This was to develop my understanding of the limits of copyright.

When purchasing a product through the Unity store the end-user must pay for any costs that are required and the end-user then has to follow certain rules. The end-user cannot distribute the assets (all assets are under copyright law) in any form except when it’s part of a game and interactive media, also they must use the assets only in the way they intended to (they are allowed to modify the assets) and are not allowed for anyone but themselves to pay for the asset/s. They are also allowed to put the assets on a number of computers/laptops as long they belong to the same people/site/company which also have appropriately licensed Unity software,  unless it comes under the category “Editor Extensions” of which then the assets are licensed per device/computer.

The end-user may not create duplicates of these assets unless the licensor has given them permission  and if the end-user creates a copy then they may only use the original solely for back ups or archival purposes.

If the licensor has upgraded their assets then the end-user may only have access to the upgrades if they made an agreement with the licensor when they first purchased the assets.

Unity. 2005. Legal terms. [ONLINE] Available at: http://unity3d.com/legal/as_terms. [Accessed 16 October 15].

Unity. 2005. Asset store. [ONLINE] Available at: https://www.assetstore.unity3d.com/en/. [Accessed 16 October 15].


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