Week 2 – Still Life Box Forms

In this task I had to draw from observation using pencil, charcoal and chalk in order to create the illusion of 3D, not all drawings went well as I messed up the sizes quite a bit in parts especially with the last drawing. I did this in order to develop my skills in drawing 3D shapes from observation.

I believe charcoal was probably best at making the illusion of 3D as it seemed much smoother to use and it allowed for some very simple shadowing and colouring by rubbing my finger on the charcoal and spreading it out which I feel helped me portray the direction the light was coming from and how the shadows were forming. I made the mistake of judging the measurements entirely by eye instead of using another object like a pencil to visually measure it against. The reason I was drawing these was to improve my skill of drawing 3D objects as well further my understanding that other than in real life that all 3D is actually an illusion, this helps me with future 3D work when it comes to creating complex and detailed objects as It reminds me that I only have to make the sides of which it can be seen at look good.

In the chalk drawing I had to draw only the outside and then had to fill in the middle which didn’t go well at all as I quickly discovered my shapes/sizes were completely off.

I am not proud of these pieces of work except the charcoal piece but they did teach me that I need to be quicker and that I need to have more awareness on the size of objects in front of me and try and understand how they fit together better.


4 thoughts on “Week 2 – Still Life Box Forms

  1. Ok, I think you can out more information into this. Think about the different skills, and techniques you used. Were they hard? How did you over come them? Then critique your work. Evaluate by detailing how this is going to help you.


  2. How did you measure the boxes in front of you? Did you do this by eye?
    What were you trying to do whilst drawing these? For what purpose are you drawing them?

    How is this going to help you in the future with you 3D work?

    Please comment ‘updated’ when you have completed this task.


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