Week 2 – Sound Experiment

Sound is vibrations, any sound that is heard is just vibrations at different frequencies (which are recorded in Hertz (Hz)). Low frequency is also known as bass (the lowest we can hear is 20Hz), this penetrates easily and has a lower tempo whereas high frequency has a higher tempo and is also known as treble (the highest we can hear is around 22KHz).

During this task, we experimented with vibrations by watching how 2 pieces of contrasting music effected water and oil. When a low frequency piece was played, the water was very active and was jumping up a bit and the oil was moving a small amount, whereas with a higher frequency piece the water only rippled and the oil barely moved. This shows that substances are more reactive to bass than they are to treble. (As seen below)

Although this only 1 piece of music, the song still shows a contrast when there’s bass and when’s there isn’t as the water changes how it acts.


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