Week 3 – The Psychology of 3D Models

I have looked further into the world of 3D especially with environments and I was even tasked with creating my own environment within 3DS max.

Good atmospheric environments can be crucial to some games and sometimes environments are designed to provoke emotion, the emotion could be fear in a horror game, sadness in a game with in depth scenery that shows how bad things are or it could be sheer astonishment as the player admires how beautiful the environment is.

A game that gives off a very good environment is Amnesia: The Dark Descent, the game not only looks good but uses amazing lighting to help darken the game and that helps build up tension throughout the experience. A game that also has a great environment and lighting is Far Cry 2 which was an action adventure game which had amazing scenery and the lighting only helped amaze players.


Far Cry 2:far-cry-2-20081021021350142

I then had to create my own 3D environment and learn about creating lighting.

Though the final outcome isn’t very detailed i’m still proud of it as I believe with further improvements I could use it in a game engine for a horror game but I do feel that I should dim the lighting before I put it into an engine. I created the environment by getting a box and extruding it to create the hallways and rooms, when I had finished creating the building (I forgot the bedroom) I started creating household objects using very simple blocks.

If I was to recreate it I would remember to create the door frames and I would use the skills I have developed to make much better household objects, for instance the sofa could have been much better if at the time I knew how to make resemble a sofa more, but now I could create it better using tools such as chamfer, inset and bevel.

Branches0014_1_S print screen 1


2 thoughts on “Week 3 – The Psychology of 3D Models

  1. You outline the task well and provide an example but it would be beneficial to have a reference image or video to support the points being made. You do however need to explain the production process with reference to skills, tools and techniques used.


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