Week 3 – Importance of sound and music in video games.

I was tasked with looking into a game in order to see how important the sound within it and this can help me by informing me how useful sound can be to create atmosphere and immerse the player.

Flower is a poetic adventure game made by thatgamecompany and I have looked into the sound of it. The music of the game was composed by Vincent Diamante and the music is very calm and collective and the sound effects immerse the player in what’s going on with most of them being calm but sometimes the sound effects become much sharper and louder to help panic/excite the player as the game’s sounds adapt to the narrative of what’s happening. As the game progresses and more exciting things happen the music’s tempo increases as well evolves, the sound starts off mainly responding to what the petals do but towards the end it becomes much more independent as the relationship between music/sound and the petals develops.


If you’re interested in the sounds and music of flower then you can watch this:


From this task I have learned and experienced through watching game play of flower that music and sound is a need be for a game like this, as it has little to actually do it could easily get boring without anything but the game play, this is an important note to keep if I ever plan on making a game similar to flower as the sound are required to get an emotional response from the player and for the player’s overall enjoyment.


As I was working in a group for this we decided to link each others work, their work is linked below:

Tetris – https://oscarbaxgamedevelopment.wordpress.com/2015/10/08/sound-research/

Although in Tetris the music isn’t a part of any narrative or story it still plays a big part in the game as it is used to cause the player to panic when the game gets harder as the music also speeds up. The Tetris theme is also well know and quite old now so the music does also bring a sense of nostalgia. I actually have played quite a bit of Tetris and from my experiences I am confident in saying that the game is much less interesting when there is no music compared to when there is and I personally enjoy the music of Tetris.


Skyrim – https://callumashurstgamesdevelopment.wordpress.com/2015/10/09/music-in-skyrim/

The music is Skyrim is quite varied as it can be calm and relaxing one second but then it can be loud and fast paced the next, this is usually the case when the player enters combat while exploring. Although the game is set in a fantasy world the time period is still medieval and due to this the music was done to be for that sort of time period as they use mainly string instruments, this is to help immerse the player into the world of Skyrim and from personal experience I believe they did this very well as I very much enjoyed the music and the game and feel that if the game had no music then it wouldn’t feel like something I want to get involved in.


Red Dead Redemption – https://callumhainesgamesdevelopment.wordpress.com/2015/10/08/sound-in-games-research/

The music of Red Dead Redemption is very well done when it comes to immersing the player in the time period, setting the scene and evoking emotions from the player. The music just like Skyrim can change rather drastically depending on situation, be it exploring, fighting or a death of a beloved character, and again like Skyrim I don’t think I would enjoy the game nearly as much as I did if it had no music or even music that just didn’t fit the scene.

Nier – https://charlieshafegamesdevelopment.wordpress.com/2015/10/09/soundtrack-review-group-task/

I have no personal experience with this game but from what I’ve read the music is varied and changes as the situation changes and is actually very good. After listening to small part of the OST I agree that the music is enjoyable.


From this task, my research and my groups research I have learned about how different genres of games, sound and scores/music in games can effect player reaction and that it usually improves the players experience. This can help me in the future when it comes to me inserting sound within environments/games that are fit for purpose. E.g. Horror sounds for horror and fast paced music and violent sounds for FPS war games.


Sources of research references:

AkakuroiK. (2014). Flower Playthrough ~ (full/complete, NO COMMENTARY) . [Online Video]. 06 September. Available from: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=58QPjw11BP4. [Accessed: 09 October 2015].

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11 thoughts on “Week 3 – Importance of sound and music in video games.

  1. You are missing an introduction and evaluation on this one. You have collectively done the research, but you each need to write up what you have found. You can certainly reference each others work.
    Evaluate by discussing how different all of these are.


  2. You need to write up what everyone else has done also. This means use their research and write it up like you did yours.

    Please comment ‘updated’ when you have completed this task.


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