Week 3 – The Experience of Sound in a CGI Trailer

In this task I had to take a CGI trailer and analyse how it uses sound to portray emotion.

The trailer I have chosen to analyse is the “Dead Island: Offical Announcement trailer”.

The music in the trailer is a slow piano and string piece made just for the game (it’s a score) and the music piece is accompanied by sound effects of the struggle and I believe that the music piece was used to appeal to the watchers emotional side as it is a slow paced yet high pitched song which can get the viewer to stop and think about what was going on as well portray a real sense of loss and sadness. I think that the music piece is used to bring the viewer down and make them feel bad about the situation but the sound effects are thrown over the top of the piece to also make the viewer terrified, almost as if they were putting the viewer in the experience the sounds used in the trailer are fit for purpose as the trailer itself is meant to be sad and portray the sense of loss, especially at the end.

Axis Productions. (2011). Dead Island: Offical Announcement Trailer. [Online Video]. 16 February. Available from: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Bwtr_-4vz6g. [Accessed: 07 October 2015].


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