Week 2 – Basic Box Modelling and Texturing

In this task I have created a 3D object and textured it using 3ds max as well as Photoshop and in this blog post I will talk about how I did it. This has helped me as it introduced me to 3DSmax and gave me basic knowledge on how to work with textures.

I started off by finding a washing machine online and it’s dimensions, and then I went to unit setup to set the units of the program to match that of the dimensions I was given, in this case it was in cm’s, I then went to system unit setup to make sure 1 unit was equal to 1 cm.

I then  created a box and matched it to the dimensions I found (H85 x W60 x D55) but before going any further I created another box which had the dimensions of the standard character model in the unreal 4 engine (H192 x W84 x D84) and after realising that the asset I was creating was too small I edited it’s dimensions to fit better against the character model and I ended up with H105 x W80 x D75.

After doing that I continued with creating the asset by modifying it using the Unwrap UVW which allowed me to open up the UV editor and I then used quick planar map to create the texture spaces for each side of the shape.

Screenshot 1

I then repositioned the texture spaces into to the square again, sizing them based on importance/focus.

screenshot 2

After moving it into Photoshop to apply the texture, I had to go and get images of the washing machine of each side to then cut them out of their whole photo and paste into the correct slots.

Screenshot 3

I then applied the texture render to the mesh and that was the end of the task.

Screenshot 4


I am pleased with the outcome of the washing machine and I found the production process rather easy and it suited quite well to my initial intentions but If I could do it again I would make it more advanced by adding more detail to the actual box itself except that would take a long time to create and texture.

by pledgepolish
on Sketchfab


2 thoughts on “Week 2 – Basic Box Modelling and Texturing

  1. Overall your 3D model looks good for a textures box. You explain the production process well and make a good use of screenshots to reinforce the points being made. You need to add an evaluation to this task. How did you find the production process? Was it difficult/easy? Were you happy with the final outcome and how did it compare to your initial intentions. If you could do it again would you change anything?


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