Week 2 – 3D in Games & Film and a brief history of them

3D has developed in games drastically from when they started because hardware has improved to hold so much more space meaning 3D models could be made using more polygons. This allowed 3D modelers to create smoother and more appealing models by being able to expand the models and add more textures over the many polygons.

But in film, 3D is slightly different as it’s more focused on the perspective the model can be seen in at that scene so they don’t have to create a fully 3D model but rather one or more that look 3D from the certain perspectives they are seen from, however in some films full models may be made as the camera could pan around them so one full model would be easier.

Now a brief history of games and films:

  • 1896 – the first film appeared “Arrival of a train”
  • 1950s – television comes along and take people away from cinema and to home, in response film then released widescreen and 3D.
  • 1980s – arcades, home computers and consoles are around as videogames become bigger using 2D.
  • 1980s-90s – golden age of gamimg and dedicated 3D processors.
  • 2000 – videogames enter pop culture as well as the release of the ps2.
  • 2009 – 3D returns in films through ‘Avatar’.
  • Present day – 3D is expected in games.

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