Week 2 – Box Paper Craft

In this task I designed the net of a cube, this was done to demonstrate my understanding of primary research as I knew what to do already and didn’t search for the answer on how to do it. I also thought about 3D itself and how on a computer, 3D is only an illusion but in the real world I am actually creating a physical 3D object. I also realised that by creating an actual cube I can then use it to get ideas of how it could be rendered to fit into an environment. e.g. Bookshelf in a library, a wooden crate, a small container and more.

The tools I used within this task are as follow: Pencil, eraser, ruler, scissors and paper. When drawing the shape I would draw extra parts on some sides, these parts would later be bended using a ruler. This piece of work actually links in with another piece of work I did in 3DS max as this is actually the physical copy of the item I created. See here.



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