Week 1 – Sounds in media

Recently I looked at some of the technical skills, technology and processes into making sound in different types of media, I found that they were similar but they still had a few differences.

I also went and found examples from games and film so I could compare how the sounds are used in those clips.

The game example I have is Bastion:

The sound in this short clip from the beginning of the game is very interesting because as expected certain sounds are played as different objects are broken and whenever the player does anything but the narrator also reacts to what the player does; some parts the reaction is on rails and will happen but at 1:38 and at 4:45 the narrator says certain lines that are a response to what the player did at those times, I have played the game as well so I know that those lines aren’t on rails. This really helps show that the sounds in games are mainly not on rails.

But this is quite different to films as in films everything is on rails, all sounds that happen will always happen at that time and in the same way as shown in this short clip of flash Gordon.

No matter how that clip gets watched the sound will always be the same, the dialogue and the sound effects will never change.


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