Week 1 – Road to my personal media career

I have looked at the thought and processes behind turning a landscape in real life into a game as well as how companies operate, I did this to improve my understanding of the games industry.

In this case I talk about what would need to be thought about and done in order to recreate Chicago into a 3D game.

Re-creating Chicago

I have also compared two different companies in how they function and what they do.


DICE are a subsidiary games company owned by EA with their 2 major offices being in Stockholm (where they started) and Los Angeles. DICE have created great games such as Mirror’s Edge and the Battlefield series, they are a company that do their best to not only produce high end games but they are also determined to reward their staff as well as keep them engaged with inspiration so they can create the best games for their players. Oh and they really like to give their designers a nice view.

Insomniac Games work with urban environments were seen in Sunset Overdrive. Insomniac Games unlike DICE puts a lot of effort into staying independent despite only ever working with Sony Computer Entertainment until recently where they went multiplatform to establish more of an identity for themselves, but Sony could only ever give inputs on a games development anyway while Insomniac would have complete control over what they develop. While creating a game Insomniac only focus on what they are good at making already and due to this they give the development team a lot of freedom to be creative.



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