Week 1 – What is 3D modelling and how is it communicated to create meaning?

I looked into 3D in games and how it is used to create meaning, I did this in order to further my understanding of how developers evoke emotions in players using 3D.

3D can be used in a variety of ways as portrayed in the mind map pdf below, but in this post I will also give examples of how it’s used as well as my thoughts on 3D.

3Dmindmap (under emotions on the game examples is “facial expressions”)

Emotions can be put into the game by 3D through the world of the game and how it looks but it can give off different emotions, some examples are: The horror game Amnesia: The Dark Descent’s world is very dark and has some rather creepy parts in the world (parts like stacks of dead bodies or the weird fountain with a statue of a baby’s head on it.) and it gives off an eerie and uncomfortable feeling.


But the world of Far Cry 4 is mainly bright and fun to explore and gives off a feeling of enjoyment and the player wants to explore and experience the epic and beautiful landscape of Kyrat.

3D can also be used for deaths, Be it Emotional deaths or just another dead NPC that didn’t matter.

Deaths in 3D games could be slow for when someone important and has been a huge part of the game dies, this is done to help the player feel upset about the death, some examples are (Spoiler alert): When Aerith dies in Final Fantasy 7 or when Dom dies in Gears of War 3

But in other games, usually games focused around war, there are the NPCs that play no part in the story and have no story themselves, they are the ‘Red shirts’ of games, there will always be another to replace them and no one really cares when they do die as their character has not been developed like nearly everyone who dies in a Call of Duty game but they still have a death animation.


Emotions can be portrayed in films through 3D but usually the film is animated, but emotions are still shown using 3D in those films for example: The film Inside Out was recently made and is a film completely based around Emotions and they use 3D to show facial expressions and the different emotions in each person’s mind. 3D can make people feel upset or happy, for instance when the Terminator dies in the first Terminator film.


I think 3D is good because it has helped multiple industries advance (see mind map for examples and how they are used), for instance in the game industry 3D has helped games become more advance and given them the ability to be better. E.G. they can now portray emotions through facial expressions, they can expand worlds to look more vibrant and beautiful as well give multiple angles on everything inside them and the things that are inside them are more than just textures now.

But 3D isn’t always better, sometimes 2D franchises can be ruined by 3D sequels or the 3D games just can’t live up to the 2D games, an example is: Bubsy, although the franchise wasn’t amazing itself it was ultimately destroyed by it’s 3D sequel as it had very simple level design with horrible controls, and it did not take advantage of the technology that was available.


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