Week 1 – Research and it’s types + a task.

There are two types of research: Primary and secondary, the difference between these are that primary research is gathered through ways such as getting first hand experience of what’s being researched, speaking to others about it and by handing out questionnaires’. Etc. But secondary research is gathered by looking at reviews, reading books and looking for information on the internet. Etc.

When researching, be it primary or secondary there are two types of data you can collect: Quantitive and Qualitative. Quantitive data is more about data and statistics, for example: ratings (1/5, 5/5.etc.) whereas qualitative is opinion based, for example: “what is your opinion on …..?” or “How do you feel about ….?”

To help get a better understanding on the types of research I went and researched what the best phones are at the moment and what the best deals for them are, though my data is lacking and is limited in understanding what the best deal out there is as I have only gathered information from 3 different providers.

Though during my task I have not gathered any primary research I am aware of how I could have gathered primary data, I could have gone to a phone store to personally experience the phones or I have could have asked others (either in person or through a questionnaire) what their thoughts on the phones where.

I have gathered secondary data on the phones themselves by going to the O2 website to look at each phone’s specs. I have gathered secondary data on the deals by comparing the different phones and their deals on three different providers (EE, Vodafone, and O2).

Phones and the deals (including references).

Overall I feel that I should have done better in researching about the phones and deals that were offered as I lacked a good amount to get a good view on what the best phone and deal is out there and I am also disappointed about the complete lack of primary research that I gathered, but I am pleased with the amount of information and the reviews of some features of the phones I did research.


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