Inspiration… Inspiration never changes.

My biggest inspiration for studying games design and for chasing a career in the games industry is Bethesda Softworks. Ever since I started playing their games (starting with Elder Srolls IV: Oblivion) I have found nothing but amazement by what they accomplish when they make their games.

They’re an inspiration to me because of how in-depth they make their games using large open worlds and the many NPCs that inhabit them which help create a story no matter where you are but at the same time they have well designed main story lines that immerse the player into the environment and wonder of the game.

My favorite game from them so far is Fallout 3 as it takes the player and lets them play their own style, be it a warrior fighting for peace or crazed gunman who has no morals, although the story line does stay near enough the same no matter how you play. Another part I love about Fallout 3 is just how much you can explore from real world locations to places shaped by the atomic wasteland they’ve created which is filled with deep and well thought out lore, and because of all this they’ve inspired me to try and help in the process of making games like theirs.


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